Being Comfortable Being Plus Size

My New Years Resolution for 2018 was to dress bolder.

I am a plus size lady, and I was always told that I should dress to make my body appear smaller. So I covered up. I wore basic clothes to blend in, to not bring focus to my ( now admittedly stunning) thick thighs.

March 2016 – very uncomfortable with my body

In 2017, I realized I wanted to work with beauty and fashion brands and that there was no way that I can do that if I was ashamed of my body.

In December I binge bought clothes ( I wouldn’t say no to a shopping spree) – but there was one condition: I had to buy things that made me feel slightly uncomfortable because I had to step out of my comfort zone. Every rule that I knew for plus size fashion, I wanted to break.

I quickly learned that buying clothes for my size was difficult, there were quite a few stores that all their plus size items were baggy and would leave my figure hidden. While on the other hand, other stores had VERY few plus size items compared to the “society sized” section. It was both disheartening and motivating at the same time.



I’ve never wanted to make more of a fashion statement than I did then, I wanted to show to the world that bodacious beauties deserve to be in the fashion world – and to be taken seriously in it as well. How can I tell people to love their bodies and try to empower them if I didn’t feel the same way about my body?

I was always told not to wear horizontal stripes

I wanted to break the rules and make a statement. As soon as I started dressing for my body, and wearing bolder clothes – I became more confident. I was celebrating my body instead of being ashamed of it.

I’m gunna say the most cliche thing ever, but just bare with me okay, but every body is different! You have to celebrate yourself, it’s going to change your life.



One thought

  1. That orange dress is EVERYTHING and you absolutely kill it. Definitely feel your frustration with plus size shopping especially when you don’t want the same baggy, dark clothes that seem to be the staple of plus size lines. Looking forward to reading more of your posts! x


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