What’s in my bag?

I remember when I was younger I’d go through my mum’s purses and would always be astounded by what she had in it, she would literally have a can of Spam in her bag. I have absolutely no clue why either! But ever since then, I’ve always been interested in what other people have in their bags, are they weird like my mom or like pretty normal?

I like to think I’m a modern day business woman, I work in for a tech company, I meet and market with clients and I’m always running around the city. If I didn’t have my bag with me, I’d probably implode – I have everything I need to survive in it!

I guess first things first, is my bag. It’s a classic pink nude Michael Kors bag. During the work week, I like to keep my bags neutral to match any outfit, (don’t even ask how many neutral bags I know haha), my little sister actually gave me this bag. Bless her heart and soul! 

Let’s spill the bag!

Flat Lay - Tree - March 2018. Photo by Jay Wallace-13573

Looking at my bag, I’m quite surprised that I don’t have shoulder pain.

Flat Lay - Tree - March 2018. Photo by Jay Wallace-13589


1)  LUSH mint lip scrub. 
I literally carry this everywhere I go. I’m so afraid of dry flaky lips. This scrub is actually a lifesaver since I’ve started using matte lipstick!

2) EOS lip balm – vanilla mint.
I gotta be real with you all for a moment, I’m actually so surprise I have this with me. I am so bad at losing lip balm, it’s crazy. I’ve spent so much money on EOS lip balm in the past year that I think I should get sponsored by EOS. hint hint nudge nudge. 

3) Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder foundation.
I’m constantly meeting with clients and going to meetings with other businesses and having this powder to make sure my forehead isn’t shiny looking when I’m in a meeting.

4) Sephora compact mirror.
Gotta make sure my lipstick is in the lines! Don’t want lipstick on my teeth throughout the day!

5) Sunglasses. 
I got these sunglasses from ALDO on their sale rack! I absolutely love them, they make me feel like I should be the trendy boss-ass-bitch in a coming-of-age flic

6) Mac lipstick in Russian Red.
If there is anything I’ve learned, it’s that a classic red lip can take your outfit to the next level (or as Tyra Banks says Next Level Fierce). It’s as classic as Marilyn Monroe herself. Personally, I feel like I can crush my enemies when I wear a good red lipstick, like I can conquer the world – so it’s pretty good to have when I need a good confidence boost. 

Flat Lay - Tree - March 2018. Photo by Jay Wallace-13602

7) My Acer Spin notebook. 
This laptop is a dream, it can turn 360 so I can use it as a tablet and show slides to potential clients. It’s small and sleek design allows me to bring it everywhere I go, especially since my entire work and blogging career is on it!

8) My agenda.
This agenda is a life saver, I have so many dates to remember and appointments to go to on a weekly basis that I wouldn’t be able to keep track of everything if I didn’t have it with me. The two colour pens let me differentiate between points and dates!

Flat Lay - Tree - March 2018. Photo by Jay Wallace-13591

These are my odds and ends that I keep in my bag.

9) My “wallet”
I haven’t been able to find a wallet that I actually like, so I use this lil Union Jack change purse, it’s the perfect size to hold all my cards and some cash when need be. 

10) Neutrogena facial sunscreen.
I am a very white person, and as a pale person – I burn within in like 10 minutes of being outside. I have to make sure I put sunscreen on multiple times a day, especially come spring and summer, to make sure my face doesn’t become toasted. 

11) Keys and headphones.
I can assume you know why I have these in my bag. 

Hopefully, my bag shows off that I’m a modern day business woman just trying to conquer the world and not that I just keep random shiznit in it!

What kind of stuff do you have in your bag? Do you have as much as me? 


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