My 5 must-have apps!

If you’re anything like me, then you’re on your phone constantly. It comes with being a millennial and pursuing a career based on social media (or have a slight addiction to Instagram sue me).

Whether I’m at work, touring the city or just lounging around at the house, my phone is glued to my side and my charger not too far off.

Again, if you’re anything like me, you can be a little absent minded as well, though to be fair in this day and age most people are balancing a thousand things on their plates at a time.

With the convenience of a mini computer at my hip, these apps help me stay inline and/or help build a healthy habit!


  1. Plant Nanny

plant nanny

This app is free and on both IOS and Android, and it tracks your water intake with a cute and adorable plant of your choosing!  There’s a bunch of different plants to choose from, and you can choose the amount of water intake in one sitting and it bases how much water you need for your height and activity level. If you follow through and drink enough water the adorable plant grows and you can grow a little healthy garden. Be warned though, if you don’t drink enough water or don’t track your intake you can kill the plant by accident. Don’t be a plant killer, drink your water.


  1. Walkr


Walkr is another free app for IOS and Android, and it’s made by the same developers as Plant Nanny. It’s a space-themed app with a built-in pedometer, and since I’m a 21-year-old with bills and payments due, I tend to walk everywhere. As a dog and space enthusiast, cartoon space dogs are a good motivation to track my steps. The more days you reach your step goals, the farther in the galaxy you get to explore and discover new and interesting planets. If you need a fun and cute way to count your steps than I definitely recommend downloading it!


  1. Go To Bed

    Go to Bed

As a self-prescribed social media addict, I have a notorious habit of staying up way too late binge watching my favourite shows. Ugh, the newest season of America’s Next Top Model is going to be the death of me, Tyra Banks is literally #GirlBoss goals! Okay, back on topic, sorry! The premise of the app is you set the time you have to wake up during the week and it sets the appropriate time to go to bed (I have mine set to at least 8 hours of sleep), and it gives you a warning a half hour before the time you are supposed to be asleep. This allows you to have time to get ready for bed and get into bed before you’re actually supposed to be asleep since most people don’t fall right to sleep as soon as they hit the hay. This app is free on IOS but there are in-app purchases if you so please.




Unroll.meAre your email inboxes always completely filled with spam emails, whether it’s from stores, websites, blogs (hopefully not), or I don’t know, maybe your boss or something. In the easiest way to put it, cleans out your email inbox and folders. This app is kind of similar to tinder style, where you swipe left on the email correspondent you want to unsubscribe from and swipe right for the emails you want to keep. I buy a lot of things online so I got a lot of emails every day with spam about sales that I don’t pay attention to; this app helped clear out my email and so I only receive emails from people/stores that I actually want to read. This app is free on IOS and Android.  


  1. Snapseed


As stated above, I have a slight obsession with Instagram, I could literally spend hours on it, looking at makeup inspiration, fashion goals, life goals, and delicious food. Snapseed is the perfect app that subtly edits the photos, I personally use it to bring up the contrast, saturation and shadows in the photos to make it more appealing to (my) eyes. It has multiple functions, such as; crop, rotate, white balance and apply different filters. I use it for every single photo I post on this blog and on my insta (@theresaeternity). You can find it on both IOS and Android for free.


Hopefully, these apps prove to be useful to you as they are to me! If you have any other apps that can help me get my life together, please feel free to share. Also, you can follow my insta if you noticed my shameless self-promo mentioned above! 

I hope you all enjoy these apps, I swear by them!



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