I bought my glasses online…

I’ve had glasses for more than half my life, and I wore the same pair of glasses since I was 13 – that’s 8 years that I’ve been wearing the same pair of glasses.  It was this square framed Gucci glasses that I got in the height of the “Hipster trend”. To this day, I still hear people asking me if I got my glasses because I wanted to be “hipster”?

Canada Day 2015

I have to suppress a full body cringe whenever anybody asks that.

Unfortunately, this past Saint Patrick’s day was quite unlucky for me; I stained some clothes blue and green, I dyed my hair green by accident and had to cut it short, and my glasses snapped. It was a difficult weekend to say the least.

So fast forward a couple weeks, and 1 eye exam later to update my prescription  – I now had to actually buy glasses. And like a lot of people my age, I don’t have health insurance so buying glasses is next to impossible. The next best thing I could do was sought out glasses online.

I came across the website EyeBuyDirect. It’s a website that sells glasses for fairly cheap and there’s so many different styles and colours! I was able to buy two pairs of glasses for less than $115 cad, which is absolutely insane! My eye exam was more expensive than that!

The website is super easy to follow through and they have an amazing online customer support team (because obviously I accidentally bought two of the same glasses and had to change my order), and it was shipped like a day after I ordered! I ordered on the Thursday April 12th, and my glasses arrived Thursday April 19th, and I got constant updates about how my order was coming along.

Though shopping online is always a little terrifying, you never know if the thing you ordered is gunna fit properly – and glasses kinda need to fit you both prescription wise and like size wise.

But the day came, and my glasses arrived! My heart was in my throat as I opened the package!


round glasses

The glasses fit perfect, they were my prescription, they felt sturdy and they were exactly my style! I love how my glasses look, and honestly I’m so glad I branched out and got this style.

And because of how cheap these glasses are, I can but a few different pairs for different style outfits.

I definitely would recommend EyeBuyDirect to absolutely everyone because they have styles for everyone! They even have prescription sunglasses, just incase you want to be able to see and protect your eyes from the sun!

So yah, buying glasses was a lil scary, but I’m so glad I did it!



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