How much did I spend on Colourpop?!

I loooove makeup, everything about it! There’s something about the art of makeup that I really have taken to, whether its SFX or just a bombass cut crease, I love trying out new things.



I arguably spend too much money on makeup, especially for someone who really knows how to do two different looks.

I’ve owned 2 liquid lipsticks from Colourpop before I bought my haul, and I’ve always loved the formula of their lippies.

I’ve been eyeing up their palettes for awhile now, especially the Yes, Please palette. I just had to get the yellow shadow, my  heart needed it.

I’m just going to put this out here, I spent only $50 (cad) and I was able to get 7 items, so it’s definitely worth your money!

As seen above, I obviously placed my makeup order on the 12th of May, it was shipped on the 15th and arrived on the 22nd (It would’ve been here sooner but we had a long weekend). I got constant updates about where my package was and was actually rather surprised it got to me so quickly considering it had to pass customs.

I ordered 2 palettes, 2 eyeliners, 1 lippie, 1 liquid eyeshadow and 1 super shock eyeshadow.

ALL FOR 50 BUCKS!!! I was blessed.

Finally, on the 22nd my makeup arrived!


I got the Ultra Matte Lippie, in the colour Needle & Thread – it’s a warm tone pink. One of my favourite things though, is that it doesn’t dry out my lips like other matte lipsticks can. I honestly completely forgot that I was wearing it when I went on a coffee date, because it literally didn’t smudge at all while I was eating my croissant or drinking my latte.


The next two items were the eyeliners, the Brew-Haha Liner and the Punch Liner. I probably should’ve looked at Brew-Haha a little bit more, but I actually didn’t realize it was a dark brown eyeliner, I actually thought it was black. C’est la vie. I absolutely adore the bright sunshine yellow that the Punch liner brought, I feel like it’s an amazing colour for the spring and summer season. Both liners are super vibrant and are applied so smoothly.


The Lucky Penny Supernova eyeshadow was something I’ve never tried before in any aspect. I haven’t gotten into the iridescent trend yet, nor liquid eyeshadow. I didn’t use it as a eyeshadow, I used it as a highlighter and it absolutely glowed. I gleamed in the sun and all day I was flooded with compliments.


The Birthday Wish Super Shock Shadow was actually free with my purchase, which I’m quite thankful for! The champagne colour is absolutely beautiful and very subtle, I loved using it as highlighter. It added a soft shimmering colour to my quite pale face while keeping my look still looking pretty natural.

Birthday Wish Super Shock Eyeshadow
Birthday Wish Super Shock Eyeshadow (via


I was so excited for the Dream St palette by Colourpop x Kathleen Lights, the blue earthy tones really stood out to me especially since I haven’t had a lot of experience with using blue and green tone makeup. I was actually really surprised how pigmented and bright the colours were.



The Yes, Please palette! My favourite colour is yellow, it reminds me of all things happiness. Sunflowers, sunshine and daffodils.

The colours are so incredibly pigmented, the bright colours are so perfect for summer.  All the colours blend so well together, and I don’t know how else to explain it.


Colourpop is an amazing makeup company, their prices are affordable while their products are incredible quality.

10/10 would buy again!



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