I weigh how much?!

I used to be super athletic, growing up you could always find me training and practicing for whatever sport was in season. I was on so many sports team growing up, that it became a part of my identity. Everyone, myself included, saw myself as the athletic girl.

My day would go as such, wake up at 4:30 am, go for a run, eat breakfast, go for morning soccer practice, go to school, at lunch practice soccer, after school go to track practice and then play in a volleyball game, come home, eat dinner and then sleep.

When I was 15, I absolutely destroyed my leg in track and field. I was told devastating news that I’ll never be able to compete again, in a matter of 10 seconds my entire identity was stripped away from me. I didn’t know who I was anymore.

The 4 years after that, I spent in and out of physio and on and off crutches. I always prided myself that I was a winner and suddenly I was having trouble going up stairs because of my legs.

And as life happened, I gained weight. I wasn’t active anymore, I wasn’t eating the healthiest, I found out that I loved social media / blogging so I started being on my computer more – and eventually I ended up where I was.


I don’t mind being plus size, I actually like to consider myself a body-positive advocate. This fitness journey isn’t because I don’t like the way I look, this fitness journey is happening because I want to make better and healthier choices.

At the moment, I weigh 218 lbs, I’m a size 14 jeans and a size large top. (Ahaha, I can’t believe I just put my weight on the internet omg)

At the end, I want to be able to run a 10k and maybe do like 3 push ups in a row, (I can do a push down at the moment). So I’ve been focusing on my cardio and getting my stamina up!  At the moment, I’ve been doing about an hour of cardio everyday to start out. One I feel more comfortable, (and less intimidated) I’ll go into the weights room.

I want a BODACIOUS booty, one that makes the world quake – that’s the dream..

So here it goes, I’ll keep y’all updated!


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