Why you should be using Aloe Vera in your Skin care routine!

I’m a naturally very pale person, so evidently I had to always slather myself in aloe vera every time I stepped into the sunlight, (#paleproblems). It wasn’t until my 20’s that I actually did some research on aloe vera and the benefits that comes with it! 


I absolutely love having aloe vera around my house, both for aesthetic reason as well as health reasons. My aloe vera is named Demeter. (ahaha don’t judge me, they’re my little plant children 🌿 ) Personally, the aloe vera plant is one of the most adorable plants to ever exist. 

Aloe Vera is so great in so many ways, for both beauty and health! 


1. It has Anti-inflammatory properties  

It’s pretty common knowledge that aloe vera gel has cooling properties, at least once in your life (unless you’re blessed with melanin) you had to slather your tender red skin with aloe gel after getting a pretty harsh sun burn. 

It’s been known to help with skin problems too, like psoriasis.

2. It’s great Moisturizer


So the cool thing about Aloe Vera is that it creates this like small layer on your skin that helps retain moisture in your skin. If you’re prone to acne or skin problems, well you’re in luck – Aloe Vera rarely ever clogs pores (🙌🏻)

Not only does Aloe Vera moisturize your skin, but it also does wonder for your scalp and hair! Say buh bye to dry scalp and (possibly) dandruff!

3.  It has anti-aging properties!

Aloe vera is rich in Vitamin C and with it’s inflammatory properties helps reduce damage inflicted to your skin – making you age more gracefully!It keeps your skin rejuvenated and will lighten blemishes. It helps melt years off of your face!


Aloe Vera is an amazing natural remedy that just does amazing things for your skin!


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