5 tips to take better photos on your Phone!

I’m gunna be 100% real for a moment, I’m one of those people that always has their phone out. Whether I’m answering emails, creating a witty caption or taking a sic pic of my  meal – my phone is almost always in my hands. (Old people will say that I’m addicted to my phone, but whatever get with the times Susan!)

I love instagram, I love being able to see bits and pieces of peoples lives – and I know everything isn’t always what it seems online but seeing the way people portray themselves in online is just super interesting to me. You can see a mommy blogger and can tell straight away that their kid will grow up knowing unconditional love or a university student showcasing a late night study sesh or a barista taking a photo of their newest latte art creation. But honestly, the coolest part to me is how it’s now a viable career choice too!

I’ve been dating a photographer for a few years now, and he has helped me a lot with understanding the basics of what makes a good photo, you can check out his account here!

Here are my tips to make your photos look bomb!

1. Use the Grid!

Using the grid on your camera is important to get your photo looking straight. A crooked horizon irritates me so much, so using the grid on your camera allows everything to be straight and balanced (unlike me ahaha)


2.  Adjust the Exposure

Unless it’s a part of your aesthetic, having too high of the exposure makes the photo unnaturally bright and blown out! It takes away from the photos and takes out some of the details.

To adjust your exposure on an Iphone, tap on the subject and it will automatically adjust – don’t always pay attention to this. It can easily blow out a photo! Click on the little sun icon and move it up and down to manually adjust the exposure!

3. Remember the ‘Rule of Thirds’

When you use the grid, you’ll notice that it’s  separated in the 3 columns – when you can’t have your photo subject be in the centre, having it in the one of the outer fractions will make your photos look well-composed and more interesting!


Good composition is everything to a good photo!
As you can tell in the photo, my babe Hannah is in the far left quadrant – this adds dimension to the photo and draws your eye to our subject!

Also, Hannah has a blog that you just NEED to follow for anything Lifestyle and Beauty. She is so cute and relatable and her blog is right here >> HowlingHannah




4. Create Depth

Jay personally loves blurring things in the foreground to make the photo interesting, whether it’s foreground or background, keeping things interesting with make people wanna double tap that.

Don’t be afraid to get low, or grab branches and put them infront of your camera.


5. Don’t zoom!!

17361730_777465362409381_2530579842025771450_nPlease, please please don’t ever use the zoom function on your photos! If you can’t get closer, take a photo and then crop it later in post-processing! Zooming in on the photo will destroy the camera quality – as much as our phone cameras are great and they’ve come so far, they’re still only small with no proper lenses.

Don’t be afraid to stand on a chair or back away to make sure you can get the entire photo in the frame!

I have, on numerous occasions, stood on a chair to get the perfect flat lay of my meal!





I hope these tips help make your photo look sick!


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